All week, I’ve had a painfully itchy throat and felt run-down. Yesterday, I thought it was all over, or rather, all begun, but despite the tinnitus and bouts of dragon coughing, I don’t seem to be full-blown sick yet.

It is hella frustrating. Will I avoid the worst? Or will I be oozing all over the place and napping under my desk during guide time, aka the busiest fortnight of every two months period?

While waiting for my (inevitable?) doom last night, I watched a lot of newly uploaded (to YouTube) panel and game shows. They’ll get taken down soon, maybe. And quite rightly, because it’s all terribly illegal, of course.

QI was wonderfully ridiculous, but I was almost more delighted that ‘Have I Got News for You’ was back, that David Mitchell was hosting, and that I found the two latest episodes of ‘Only Connect‘, hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell (and one of the most difficult things on television – if I get a single thing right in the first three rounds, I am elated).

Seriously, they are my dream couple. I would love to know them. To learn to be drier and wittier from them. To find out how her career as a poker player fits into her life as a writer and broadcaster and being married to one of the most hilarious men on the planet, who is seemingly on television, or radio, all the bloody time. To get tips on how to be a legitimately funny writer (they are both regular columnists, and he also writes a ton of television – and I imagine that being extremely well-read and being the daughter of Alan Coren or being in the Footlights helped a great deal).

Basically, I’d be the neediest friend they never wanted. I guess I could make them soup and woolly hats in return?

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