Feathery hammers.


Today in what R. terms ‘Megan problems’:

  1. Woke up at 4:30am after a(nother) dream about adopting cats who then shrunk so small I couldn’t find them.
  2. Left my travel mug at home
  3. Left my earbuds on the counter at Bridgehead, where I stopped in to buy replacement caffeine.
  4. Spilled coffee on my clean mittens.
  5. Missed my bus because I stopped to get coffee.
  6. Blew my weekly monthly budget on buying moisturiser because I finally found something that works and was feeling that entitled ‘I deserve this’ nonsense because I had a slightly more difficult morning than usual.
  7. Accidentally shut a door in someone’s face when their hands were full.
  8. Bled on the inside of my now not-so-clean mittens because a hangnail went rogue
  9. Have been dealing with a twisted sock issue on and off all day. (This is far an away the Most Meganny Problem of all, btw.)

If I were in a romantic comedy, I’d probably be meeting the man of my dreams any second, probably by tripping, knocking him over, and giving him a concussion.

I did get a short yoga practice in this morning, though, and remembered to pack my lunch, so I’m only mostly failing at being human (so far) today.

Fun fact (not learned today, but whatever): Moose are not native to the island of Newfoundland, but are more of an invasive species. There are about 150000 of them now, or one for every 3.5 humans. There are 500-600 car accidents involving moose every year. (‘Moose management’ is a lovely phrase, eh?)

Today in Gilmore Girls predictions: Lindsay got a job. Like, an outside-of-the-house paying one. Her mother is horrified.

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