Feeding dragons.


Have to be at work early-ish and I’ve slept in for the third or fourth time this week. Why? Because I’ve fallen into a comfort-eating, starch trap. I know that I react this way to starchy foods and cheesy things and beer, and yet I couldn’t stop myself. The tuna casserole was worth it. But if I’m ever going to get any running in during the week, I have to make some adjustments to my eating. Half-marathons are serious business, yo, and I should better prepare my body by fueling it a bit better. And, y’know, training. If I’m too bloated and lethargic to move, I won’t move.

Oh, yeah, and panic is setting in.

Anyway, I like this article about the women of Westeros compare to those on ‘Girls’. I think Arya and Dany need to go to Brooklyn to sort some sisters out.

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    • megan

      Ha! It was the usual egg noodles/mushroom soup/tuna combo, really, but with added sauteed mushrooms, onions, and garlic and some breadcrumbs on top. Don’t know proportions as I was not the chef. Sorry! 🙂

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