#100BM Day 60

Hamish has been on meds for about a week now and I already see a HUGE difference in behaviour. He’s only walking around complaining a normal amount, not jumping on to of cabinets to yell at us for much of the day (and not) and in general seems a lot calmer. Oh, and no barfing, thank goodness. Hoping he goes back to something closer to a couple-times-a-year schedule for that (instead of the several-times- a-week one we’d been dealing with recently).

He had lost a third of his body weight in about 10 months too, despite being hungry/eating almost all day long. He hasn’t instantly refattened, obviously, but he definitely looks less starved already. I can’t count his vertabrae from across the room at least. Thank goodness.

If I lost a third of my body weight, I’d weigh about as much as Karlie Kloss, but still be three inches shorter than she is. I’d probably need to contract a potentially deadly condition to get there too. AND I’D LOOK GREAT, JUST LIKE MY CAT.

I won’t be doing that.

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