Festive tidings.


I didn’t manage to sleep in this morning. I was awake before 8. I’m not best pleased. Doesn’t my body remember that I was sick all week and that I could use a mild coma as part of my recovery? Man.

I’m almost at two months of daily updates. I haven’t picked an end date, even though readership is dwindling bigtime. Ah well. This was a Morning Pages-y project, so really, I’m supposed to be writing for myself, but ego gets in the way sometimes. (I will also blame the MP-ishness for my appalling spelling/grammar. It’s a stream of consciousness! Kinda! Nothing to do with the fact that I’m always writing while drinking my first coffee of the day!)

Anyway, my brain is mostly empty this morning and I have a mountain of things to do, so here are some things to read while I’m off grumbling/prepping the hovel for the holidays.

  1. Psychology Today reveals 15 Crazy Things About Vaginas. Pretty much self-explanatory, really.
  2. The IFC Center in New York is doing a Studio Ghibli retrospective. Please send money/time off so that I can go every Friday.
  3. Re. yesterday’s blog about the corporatisation of breast cancer charity, check out Think Before You Pink, who have a much more comprehensive collection of information than my pre-coffee early morning blithering.
  4. Buzzfeed says these are the 30 Most Important Cats of 2011. Hamish disagrees, even though #16 is a beast after his own heart and he has lived through the woes of #21, though in a much louder fashion.
  5. They are probably shooting a Party Down movie this summer!
  6. I love Victoria Coren. I realised I loved her after I read this piece in The Observer almost three years ago. It’s about outwitting funeral crashes.
  7. This might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

And now? To find Golden Syrup and some non-fluorescently dyed glazed (or glacé if you’re nasty posh) cherries and clean ALL THE THINGS. Well, some of them, at least.


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