Five things (at least).


My brain’s not quite up to writing comprehensively, but I will make myself write five short things.

1. Woke up feeling pretty bloated, then thought about what I ate yesterday, and realised that I probably had about 80 times the recommended daily amount of fibre yesterday (beans, lentils, kale, quinoa? in one day? hell, in one meal?). I won’t get graphic about how this will resolve.

2. I actually picked a not-too-ripe, not-too-piney mango the other day. VICTORY. I usually end up with a rock hard fruit. (Dirty!)

3. It’s Oscar night on Sunday and I can’t be arsed to see the last few Best Picture nominees before then, even though they include Hugo (Kanata AMC is so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar). Extremely Loud, etc. and War Horse (best review ever right here, btw)? No stank you.

4. My friends Erica and Mark just arrived in Paris for an impromptu(-ish) vacation. The brojectionists are back from Cuba today. I want to go somewhere and do a thing, but I guess saving a tooth and paying property taxes are more important right now.

5. At a point where maybe I should cut down from writing every day. Quality over quantity is almost always preferable, but if I didn’t make myself sit down and do this every morning, would I? Until I figure that out, I will stick with the Woody Allen school of generating-something-always, even if a couple of Curse of the Jade Scorpions result.

Bonus thing: I invented some cookies yesterday. The recipe needs some tweaking, but stay tuned for a recipe for chocolate-ginger deliciousness.

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