In the last 18 hours or so, I’ve been cooking up a storm, mostly for friends who are returning from a two months trek around Africa, but there are a few leftovers for lunches/suppers at the Orphanarium this week. Y’know, if my younger brother would eat anything I make. His palette has barely change since childhood, so instead of eating the shepherd’s pie I made last night (‘I’m not really into that kind of thing’ – even though it contains meat and potatoes, his two favourite things) or either of the two kinds of soup I made this week (he doesn’t like soup either). It’s not because their poison; I eat my cooking all the time! But this is why he makes dinner most nights, even if that often involves a lot of nachos, pizza (crust pre-made, which is fine), and endless combinations of pasta and cheese. Y’know, healthy stuff. I’m surprised he doesn’t have scurvy. Perhaps the salsa content in his blood helps.

The trouble with this Giant Cooking plan is that I don’t know exactly when my friends are back (aside from ‘today’), and I don’t have contact information for their dog/house-sitter, so I can’t drop all this stuff off in advance (or maybe I can and just…leave it on their front stoop and hope animals don’t get into the it). And they live far away, so it’s a long trip to gamble on them being there already. So, various soups, pies, and salads are just sitting around, taking up tons of fridge-room, until I hear from them. Organized, and yet not. That is me in a nutshell.

In fact, now I could make my own nutshell (of the pie variety) now because I made a quiche this morning and one of the party for whom it was made doesn’t deal with gluten so well (the term ‘blowing ass’ comes up often – she is the Kween of Klass). And I can’t afford to invest in fancy, potentially awful flours at the moment.

Which reminds me of one of the only movies I liked Will Ferrell in. And my favourite scene in that film, which proves that my heart is not actually made of ice and tar.

Speaking of dorky romantic comedies, instead of going to Hugo yesterday (couldn’t make the timing work), I stayed in and watched Friends with Benefits. Kind of a step down, but I didn’t hate it. It was fun fluff that made for okay chili*-prep accompaniment. And Mila Kunis is pretty adorable.

Right, I’m going to digest my leftovers/breakfast and maybe head out for my first run in nine days. I heard a plow go by in the middle of the night (yay/ugh), so maybe there will be a clear path to do a slowish 5K on.

* By ‘chili’, I mean chili-like vegetarian stew. Apparently, to Texans (and Richard), this is a very important distinction.

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