Feeling a ton better today. Still a bit foggy and sinus-y, but the throat gravel has cleared and I haven’t been coughing very much. I credit tons of sleep, spicier-than-usual chili, ginger, and whisky for my rapid recovery.

Other than that, not a heckuva lot to report of interest. Doing a batch of freezer-and-lunch cooking tomorrow (squash soup, lentil shepherd’s pie, and a variation on these veggie burgers are so far on the agenda) and, uhm, not sure what else. It’s been a while that I’ve had a weekend at home with no work commitments, so maybe I’ll actually do some housecleaning beyond essential laundry and unloading/reloading the dishwasher. That’s awfully novel. It means I can try out the new UFYH app for Android. Huzzah! Toys for productivity!

Speaking of which, a friend of mine is quitting smoking via e-cigarettes. YES. CONTROVERSY. So far, they are working well, so I am in the ‘pro’ column…except that the folks who make the vaping juice can be more than a little odd when they branch out beyond the cigarette (there’s a Camel-y one called ‘Desert Ship’, which is quite clever), vanilla, and other semi-normal varieties. Check out some of these ‘UnUsual’ and ‘UnSavoury’ varieties. Some are even grosser than varieties of Chinese Lays potato chips.

Though, almost anything that keeps tar out of people’s lungs is OK by me, blech.

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