Flying cars.


I am holed up in my hotel room, ruminating over tonight’s assignment, which is a fully formed two-page sketch. I might venture out to a show at e.t.c. at 11, but it’s raining and kinda gross out, so I will likely just hide here with my pizza. (I was given the wrong order, but eh, I can have welty hot pepper face – sorry people who wanted this pie instead of my lame-o vegetarian).

So, today, I chatted, briefly, with Awesome Instructor Jay about what to do next. Since I’m not really interested in performing, I actually don’t know. Sketch-writing really appeals, but who would I get to perform my silly bits and pieces and where? Her suggestion was coming back to Chicago to do Writing 2 to learn more about collaborating and such, but, as much as I love it here, I can’t imagine fitting that into my life and budget right now. She didn’t recommend the online route unless absolutely necessary, because the community aspect is so important, and I totally agree. As much as I’m the old, loner weirdo in my class, it is valuable to bounce ideas off other people, even if they are, like, at least ten years younger than I am and don’t understand words like ‘queue’ or know who Piper Laurie is (these have both come up this week).

So, yeah, now what?

Of course, if I don’t come up with a scene idea tonight, this might all be moot anyway. I need to do this tonight, too, because tomorrow AM is my last chance to say hi to Kim at work and fulfill my mother’s lifelong dream of visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. I leave midday on Saturday. I feel like I just got here, even though it’s been such a ridiculously busy week.

The best bit? I’ve only checked in with work once AND NO ONE HAS CALLED OR EMAILED ME WITH QUESTIONS. That’s a vacation record, sadly.

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