#100BM Day 97

Missed a day for a mundanely ridiculous reason: Went to bed at 10, having neglected to write anything, then didn’t get out of bed until 8.

Reason #82746 why maybe it’s fine if I don’t have kids. My cat is already risking everything when he caws in my ear at 6am when I’m not ready to be awake yet.

I had actually started to be a morning person over the last year, cherishing a couple of hours before work to catch up on laundry and internettin’ and running, but couldn’t even find time or energy to do 4K this morning (less than half an hour’s shufflin’), as planned.

Took an antihistamine this morning and see if that clears some of the fog. I have some of the tunnel vision that sometimes happens in allergy season(s) (not actual physical tunnel vision, just difficulty in seeing the bigger picture due to general dullness of self? it’s hard to explain and my words are failing me).

I hope it does. I have to drive to things today and a car is much more of a danger to others than my bike is.

Also, part of today is going to Costco and I don’t REALLY want to come home with 12lbs of nutmeg or an industrial power saw because I spaced out and couldn’t resist a nonsensical bargain.

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