Follow-through. (Holidailies #1.)


(Holidailies entry #1)

Whoops, in my fog of knitting and getting weepy at ‘Six Feet Under’ all weekend (my family has died a lot), December happened. And that means Holidailies. Which means writing daily. I didn’t notice, and therefore missed day 1. Nice work, me.

I go through bouts of updating this space every day for months at a time, but I haven’t been writing much of anything lately. My brain feels less burst-y than usual, so I don’t feel the urge to purge my brain of thoughts as often lately. Especially unfortunate as I went to a writing workshop last month, then missed the meeting last weekend due to lack of social strength (had two other Big! Social! Events that weekend and I was very tired) and material (we were each supposed to write two sketches in the space of four weeks and I totally failed).

So, again, as I see mediocre comedians on panel shows, or hear about acquaintances winning prizes for their work, I dream of a day when I have it in me to complete…something. Hard work is more important than constant inspiration and waiting for the right moment, I’ve been told ad nauseam.  

But I’ve never been good at working hard (despite some very expensive diplomas), unless I’m knitting while binge-watching an acclaimed tv drama I missed the first time around.*See also ‘The Wire’, ‘The Sopranos’, the first few seasons of ‘Dexter’.)

PS Just remembered that the German word for diarrhea is ‘Durchfall’, which means ‘through-fall’, which means I apologise for today’s title for being kind of close to that/bringing the whole thing up.

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  1. Rachel

    Oh god I remember the days of being weepy about Six Feet Under! What a great show. I am scared to watch it again though, because it affected me so much the first time!

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