A poem made me cry yesterday. That’s rare (the reading poetry, the crying, and the combo of both especially). Then I read this morning that the dead boys on that Turkish beach were refused entry to Canada. And I cried some more.

It’s a very scary time in Europe, the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. The locals fear too many new people will make their lives difficult and inconvenient. You know what’s more difficult and inconvenient? Fleeing everything you knew because of geopolitical terrors over which you have no control, facing ‘inconvenient’ bureaucracies, starvation, treacherous routes, dangerous seas, and ‘inconvenient’ uncertainty that anything will be ‘good’ in one’s life again, ‘inconveniently’ being shunned, locked out of train stations, and fenced out of countries that don’t want to help your desperate self and your families.

It seems there’s a huge rift in humanity, where some humans don’t want to acknowledge the others. It’s appalling and very, very sad.

Do you want your heart broken today? Read ‘Home’ by Warsan Shire.

Do you want your heart lifted? Read about the people who are trying to help, to petition their governments to let them help more, and those who are already helping.

I am going to look into what this tiny cog can do.


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