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Just when I’m feeling okay (a more substantial meal last night helped greatly), I go over some of my math for the week and realise that I am not. I have accounted for more sugar than I paid for at the beginning of the week. I should be out of oats by now (I think – though, I am close and panicking).

So between my food-deprived brain, useless scale, and being almost 20 years from my last math class, all numbers are approximate. I guarantee, though, that I have not gone over a daily budget.

This also accounts for some, but not all, of the egregious grammatical mistakes that have been popping up here. Very embarrassing.

As for the more substantial meal last night, that led me to not be feeling achy and insomniac-y, and sated, and happy not to be eating more stuff-on-starch:

Fauxlafels (makes about thirteen large walnuts of delicious)
80g of chickpeas, soaked overnight, drained, the boiled for about 45 minutes (24¢)
1/3 (world’s most expensive) potato (25¢)
1/3 carrot (14¢)
1 clove garlic (5¢)
pinch of cumin (2¢?)
pinch of salt (from weekly salt budget)
Tbsp or so of oats (5¢)
Tbsp of oil (from weekly oil budget)
Total, about 77¢ or about 6¢ apiece

Process: Parboil the carrot and potato until nearly fally-aparty. Put in a bowl with just a splish of the soaking water.

Not sure the extremely poor would have a stick blender with chopper attachment, but I’m sure this could be done with a mashing implement too. I blitzed the chickpeas with the garlic and cumin (leave them a bit chunky), then threw them in a bowl.


Leave 'em a bit chunky. Sorry about the generally lack of cooking photos. My kitchen is actually a cave.

Leave ’em a bit chunky.
Sorry about the generally lack of cooking photos. My kitchen is actually a cave.


Smashed up the carrot and potato and added them to the chickpea mix. Mixed with my hands, realised there was no way they would stick, so scattered about a Tbsp of oats in to make it a bit stickier.

Formed into, I dunno, meatball-y-sized balls? Fried them in a very little bit of oil (poverty budget), turning now and again so they didn’t stick. I think it was about 5-6 minutes a side? Man, I am bad at this keeping-track-of-things thing.



Anyway, point is, they were delicious. Kind of falafel-meets-latke. I had five of them with tomato-y rice for about 57¢. Four more at lunch today. Four tomorrow lunch or dinner. Not too shabby.

Yesterday’s budget:
Pancakes (described in Wednesday’s post) 38¢
Oatmeal snacks 25¢
Lunch soup 34¢
Five fauxlafels 30¢
Tomato-y rice 27¢
Not-tea 3¢
Raisins 5¢


Although there was a small drop last year, more than 800 000 Canadians rely on food banks. And not just for food, but toiletries, kitchen gear (my closest food bank is always seeking crockpot donations, for example), and just basic living necessities. That’s appalling.

A forty-hour workweek at minimum wage in Canada keeps you under the poverty line. Especially in big cities and isolated communities in the North, this can be a big problem.

I’m Living Below the Line this week to give myself, and others (plenty of whom have expressed worry about me this week), just an inkling as to what it’s like to go without. Money raised goes to Make Poverty History, who campaign on behalf of poor people in Canada and around the world.

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