My readership numbers are down, which, well, is indicative that I’ve not been terribly interesting of late. The truth of the matter is, I’d much rather be outside and staring at things (and occasionally reading) than cooped up inside at a computer screen. So I’m going to go outside (again) and enjoy the lovely not-too-hot weather instead of dazzling you with a return to form (whatever that is).

For the record, though, six dead, drunk slugs were captured last night, as well as one earthworm. Why an earthworm was dumb enough to fall in a beer trap, I have no idea.

I also saw a red squirrel, the first I’ve seen in my yard in…well, possibly ever. They are so wee compared to the black bastards who made the garage their metropolis. Hamish does not try to catch any of them, BTW. This is mostly what he does outside. (Also, for those who have not seen The Toes, this is a really good shot of his polydactylity.)



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