Genius. (And other accidentally recycled titles.)


(Holidailies #11.)

I really should be working on a quiz that needs to be written before Sunday’s work Christmas party, but instead my brain is doing the Shonen Knife ‘Tomato Head’ equivalent of this, which is making things difficult.

That’s not good.

I taught myself to knit cables (with the help of YouTube), but am now halfway through a hat too small for any adult human I know. It’s great to learn (’cause knowledge is power!), but I probably should have been doing more directly-useful-to-Christmas things. Like the writing the aforementioned quiz.

So that’s also not good.

However, it is only -12 degrees this morning, so I might walk to work, at least partway, because it’s been more than a week since I walked anywhere. It’s sunny too. Might finally bust out my Rob Delaney audiobook for it.

That’s very good.

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