Getting away with it.


(Rats. Strikethrough doesn’t work in the title.)

Accidentally (I splashed regular milk on my cereal, just a bit, then loaded the rest with soy milk – this is especially weird because I don’t have milk on cereal ever) cheated once and deliberately cheated  another time (after much whining/begging/ordering by one of my brothers friends, I succumbed to the temptation of one fry with aioli) on Vegan Heathen Lent. I’m fessing up because I don’t want people to think I’m perfect, or their expectations of me will continue to be ultra high. And not in the fun Kirk way.

In the interests of non-perfection exposition and lowering expectations, here are some other less-than-proud moments from the weekend:

  • Relying (again) on Matt to put on my eyeliner because, despite assurances that I would learn ‘for next time’, that didn’t happen.
  • Not realising that I had a hangover rather than just overtiredness until about 1:45pm.
  • Nearly getting blown into the street not once, not twice, but thrice because of the way I was carrying an empty shopping bag.
  • Doing a full-on Tobias-esque slip and fall on the ice. Sadly, I don’t have a bum-level mirror I can use to investigate the bruises. Without flashing the neighbours, anyway.
  • Forgetting Kate Upton’s name, despite having thought ‘This’ll totally come up on pub quiz’ when the SI story was floating around.
  • Not doing up critical laundry on the weekend and instead running the dryer right now, even though I had wanted to be at work by 9:30.

In the interests of humiliating myself further, here’s me with my (amazingly uncanny) stunt double. Her Scouse Brow is much better, though.

After being made up like a cracked-out geisha doll whose been left outside for a summer or three, I got to lie on a dark dusty floor to smirk at the camera and steal a sword. Good, weird times.

Back to Kirk for a bit. He’s been poorly since he got back from Cuba a couple of weeks ago, because he has an infection in his leg (the origin of which they aren’t sure, but it came in through a cut or a bug bite). He’s been on an IV antibiotic regimen for nine days and will be until the end of the week. He’s (slowly) starting back at work today, but I hope he’s up to it. I know that being sick is incredibly dull, but going back to work too soon isn’t a great idea. Feel better soon, Kirk!

(This is day 134.)


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