Getting fighting fat.


Short entry today as I have finally stopped cooking and baking and eating for the day. Last winter, I spent a huge hunk of (almost) every Sunday making soup and prepping stuff for the week so that I wouldn’t go to Nate’s Deli (RIP) or other dangerously fast food-y places at lunchtime all week long. So today, I made tiny crustless tuna and dill quiches, potato and lentil soup, and, god help me, more scones, all easily transportable and/or freezable things. I ate four of the latter, basically undoing any good works I did by running this weekend, though. GO ME!

(Actually, last night’s fish & chips dinner, even though I didn’t finish, probably did that already.)

Seriously, though, I am trying to be more mindful, at least during the week, so that I can actually maybe lose some weight when training for the half-marathon (which, yes, I will continue to harp on about until May, and probably beyond). Like Jan, who discussed this in one of her recent entries, even when I was running regularly, I still didn’t get thin. The lowest I got was about 18 pounds above ‘normal’ according to BMI indices. My total weight loss was, like, four pounds total. But at least I looked and felt less blobby.

Now off to freeze those scones so that I can’t just maw down on the rest without some long, difficult consideration/thawing time.

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