Gift rockets.


Boring Vegan Heathen Lent food stuff:

  • Making five days worth of lunch things on a Sunday is such a genius idea, but day 5, it’s not as fun. But I’m subbing in chili for spinach soup today because I ran out of the latter. Whee! Party!
  • I caved and bought some Earth Balance. Now I can’t stop eating english muffins with that and jam.
  • I accidentally dumped a mountain of chili powder in some refritos last night, which was great for purging sinuses.
  • I am not drinking enough water for someone eating so much fibre.
  • I need this soup in my life. I hope I’m not sick of it next Friday.

Boring other stuff:

  • Starting rereading Endless Steppe last night. It has haunted me since childhood and is still incredibly moving.
  • It took 50 minutes to get to work on the bus yesterday, twice as long as biking in does. I actually love winter, but good lord, I am tired of being dependent on transit. And don’t want to buy a March bus pass.
  • I was trying some gentle yoga yesterday and heard/felt a crazy pop in my right knee. My hip, which has been a bit cranky on and off for weeks, seems to be less so now. Fingers crossed.
  • I am incredibly frustrated by my own lack of flexibility, so I am committing to doing some yoga every day for a month. I have managed at least 15 minutes all week, but I probably/definitely need more than that.

Today in Gilmore:

Kirk and Lulu have a seven-year-old son who has already committed to becoming an accountant, because it’s a steady paycheque for repetitive, uneventful work.

Their four-year-old daughter thinks she’s a horse.

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