Giving in.


It’s the weekend in the publication cycle when I have to go to work and do some proofreading and formatting-type things, so I’ll keep this short.

I’m not going to Edinburgh. It makes me a bit sad, but it’ll make my sorry financials a little less so. Also, it’s about time I saved up and did a proper 2 to 3 week trip, which I might be able to manage later this year. I will probably be taking every second Friday off this summer, though, so I will have breaks in work life, and I will invest time in sprucing up my house. (I can’t deny that if I find a crazy deal to Iceland in October that I wouldn’t go, though.)

I’m also doing the Army Run after all, despite what I said about ‘no more half-marathons’ this year (and I didn’t really know whether I was gonna say yes or no about that until I started this paragraph). That is, assuming there is still space in the race. Gonna stop by the Running Room on the way to work (trying not to use my credit card – see above about sorry financials). Worst case scenario, I can downgrade to the 5K if I don’t feel ready.

Right! To work, to paddle, to rip out more weeds. Tschüß!

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