It has been a long time since I had a granny, but I spent today baking, knitting, and reading, so I can’t say that I didn’t learn from mine.

Except neither would have been into dystopian fiction. And one of them really did like hockey and Craven As….

Still, maybe I should try bingo again. Or try out the Scrabble club in town. Make ’em proud, aside from the unmarried, no-kids thing.

Hmm. Maybe I AM a disappointment to the no-longer-living.

Whatever. At least I don’t consider polyester double-knit a viable fashion choice, right? Or find pasta ‘too ethnic’? Or think Maria Christina was good enough for any occasion?

So what if I had from-frozen pizza with a fruit berries (’cause they are better for you than gummi bears, right?) and pretzel chaser for supper? To each his own, eh?

Everyone is judgy. It isn’t worth stressing over all the time.

That having been said, the word ‘dainty’ continues to plague my 5’10, non-lithe, lumbering self to this day, so thanks for that, Grandma.

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