Great days.


At R*‘s, waiting to use his shower. Yesterday, of course, did not go to plan; there was no ground wire to our old water heater (safe!), so the new one is inoperable until an electrician comes to deal with that. Also, there was a leak in the new, not-fully-hooked-up heater within minutes of the contractors leaving.

While mid-breakdown after the wire and leak problems were revealed, I dialed a couple of wrong numbers while trying to locate experts to help us. I can’t be sure if this is led to what happened later. Around 2pm, Weebro got an abusive phone call from a man who said he was from a social service organization and who claimed that someone at our number had called him four times (never mind that he says we called after I left the house, nor did he recognize our number when Weebro repeated it back to him), and refused to get off the line because he thought there was a child in trouble, and that clearly Weebro had an abused daughter he was hiding, etc.

If dude had believed it a true emergency, would he have really waited four hours to call?

Eventually, he yelled at Weebro and said if ‘we’ called again, he would call the cops. Weebro spent the rest of the day worried he would be taken away in cuffs. (For what? Dude had no case, even if I had accidentally called him, which I am 99% sure I did not, especially not four times.)

Legitimately concerned, but mistaken, citizen, or jerky weirdo? Who can say?

I don’t know what’s up with this week. Yesterday, I also found out that a friend’s coworker nearly died in an workplace accident a few days ago. Another friend’s mother’s had emergency surgery on Monday. And remember how Jackie’s bike got nicked on Sunday? If I believed in karma or fate or whatever, I’d think it was the universe reminding me that things could be always get worse in the lead up to September 11th and the anniversary of my mother’s death this weekend.

Fucking universe.

I actually watched Blue Jasmine yesterday to get some perspective in the face of a thousand niggling things.** I won’t spoil it, but Jasmine’s got some serious problems. (Also, Cate Blanchett is the best at everything.)

Last night, I took a Benedryl and drank some red wine before bed (sorry, liver) and still slept pretty fitfully.

Tonight, they are filming one scene for a CBC thing at the cinema and I have a feeling it is going to be 500% more of a pain than I initially believed.

Tomorrow, I have to be at work early to let in carpet cleaners. So I get to be in early to be deafened by cleaning equipment.

I think I am going to spend Saturday hiding under blankets and drinking whisky.

*A Prince among men and friend to people who smell not-so-good sometimes.

**One of the staffers said she didn’t like it because she thought it made fun of mental illness, but I don’t agree. I think the point is that people laugh uncomfortably because they don’t know how to deal with mentally ill people, just like the characters in the film.)

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  1. I just read a long thread on the Alzheimer’s caregiver forums about the many, many ways dementia affects phone use and have myself seen many a 911 call from an elderly person be all wrong. So, there’s that cheerful possibility, too.

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