Growing up.


It is Richard’s birthday today. I brought him a McMuffin. We will go out for a slightly fancier than usual supper later this week.
It is weird to be in one’s thirties and uncoupled, because you don’t get parties thrown for you, but, in general, you don’t care very much. Or maybe that’s just our thing?

I am slightly more ambitious about making an effort, though my version of planning my birthday is ‘I will be at (location where I can sit a long time, usually a restaurant) from (start time) to (end time). Stop by?’

Maybe I should figure out how to have kids so I can get excited about birthdays again. That’s a really good reason for having children, eh?

Speaking of aging and bankrupting oneself, I have decided that I am tired of being terrible and clueless about money. Anyone know a good starting point for the idiots of the world? Or should I just set up a meeting with my bank and hope they don’t talk me into something dumb/more beneficial to them?

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