H words.


Just had a no-good, very bad run (only 6.5K) just now. Too many tacos yesterday, delaying my departure by an hour so I could watch trampolining (the sun, she is strong), and not bringing water all led to just running out of steam (possibly literally). As I have to be at my trivia thing in a little over an hour, I’ve not much time, nor brain power (especially given my water-deprivation) to write anything interesting or exciting.

Wait, that’s like most other days too!


Today’s challenge is the August Hot 100. The scoring on the results website is sometimes wonky for some reason, but I’m not doing too well regardless of the math. I’m hoping to get back to my comfy spot as second place in Ottawa, though, after last month’s semi-humiliation. Are humble and humiliation from the same root? Hm. They’ve got to be, right? Gonna look that up.

Yep, from the Latin humilis meaning low or slight (via Old French) and probably the Greek khamalos for ‘on the ground, trifling’.

Well, there ya go. This entry wasn’t a complete waste. We’ve all learned something. Y’know, if the Wiktionary can be trusted.

Speaking of word (well, pronunciation) origins,the other day, Richard and I were discussing the trend of dropping the ‘h’ from the beginning of word ‘herb (when speaking, obviously)’. He remembers a time when that wasn’t usual in this country, but it was pretty normal throughout my childhood (or so I thought). Was it, as he suspects, a televisual thing, probably American, that came about in the 1980s? Because I have no idea. I mostly pronounce the ‘h’. He always does. But voicing the ‘h’ in herbal seems trickier to both of us. Why is that? Any (cunning) linguists reading who might want to weigh in?





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