(Holidailies Day #16.)

Sleet means different things in different countries. In the UK and some other Commonwealth-y places, it’s snow and rain mixed, here (and in the U.S.) it’s a more ice pellety situation.

How I learned it: From my own inability to understand what sleet was (was it sleeting today? or just freezing raining? OR BOTH?!) and a subsequent Google search. It was freezing raining, per Canadianish.

Today I also learned that:

  1. Based on the counterweights I used today, if I weighed about 100lbs fewer, I might be able to do an unassisted pull-up.
  2. Jess on Gilmore Girls is *slightly* less loathsome than I had remembered, at least in season 2.
  3. I am awful at knitting buttonholes. Like, so bad. Argh.

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