Harold’s drawing implement.


Hamish has a new friend/enemy, a tiny cat who can outrun him and fit into small places to make his escape. It’s pretty entertaining. This morning, they did a running circle around the house once and the old dude is super-exhausted.
Speaking of, being anaemic is still kicking my ass and making sleeping a pain, though not nearly as badly as before when I would be up for two hours each night, too exhausted to do anything, including reading. I know it takes a while to get iron levels up, but it’s a fucking drag in the meantime. I was hanging out at Richard’s place yesterday and fell asleep on his couch around 9:30pm. Party time. I eventually found the energy to (slowly) bike home, went to bed, then slept until almost 11. It’s ridiculous.

I’m still not feeling up to much today, but I have to tackle the hovel (for the first time ever, I wish I had an iPhone, if only to use this) and clean up the yard some (after I drop off empties at the beer store and acquire more tasty beverages) and make some variation of this, because I am intrigued by purple dishes (the CSA potatoes I got this week are purple too) and it sound delicious.

But first, more coffee. Think small before thinking big.

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