Hat tricks squared.


Wow, my track record for actually writing things this week is fucking abysmal. Apologies to my five fans. I’ve been distracted by things as varied as Senate scandals, low blood sugar troubles, special events, humorous podcasts, crack-addicted mayor jokes*, cat birthdays, short-lived work technology failures, and watching the MST3K Gamera episode. (Oh, Tibby.)

So, nothing major, but nothing exciting enough to write about.

I am also sleeping well (knock wood). Perhaps too well. Aside from cat parties at 4am, obviously.

Mmm, sleep. Perhaps I shall do some.

Speaking of which, I aspire to be a sloth, but my upper body strength needs some work first.

<font size=-2>*My favourite of my own was just the punchline ‘I knew Marion Barry and you, sir, are no Marion Barry’

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