Have I come to build my lethargy?


I am cranky and useless at present, pondering early bedtime as I’ve been up since 6:15 and been on the go more or less since then. I have been on jam-packed public transit in three cities in two countries today. (I had to wait as four sardine can trams went by before my luggage and I made it onto one, for example, and was quite concerned I would miss my train).

(Charmingly, my compartment mate thought I was German because I was trying to listen intently to the announcements auf Deutsch, which I only half-understood. Oddly, the announcer sounded JUST like a German William Hague. Perhaps it *was* William Hague. Did he lose a bet with Angela Merkel?)

I arrived in Berlin this afternoon and, after checking in, immediately went down to Potsdam, then walked for far too long on too little food and sleep, and found that most of the sites at Sansouci are closed for the winter. Then, of course, it gets almost pitch-dark before 5 and I start getting Castlevania fear for reasons…well, probably because I’m cranky and tired, but also because it was a dark, abandoned park in which I saw nobody for 10-15 minute stretches at a time. Aiyeeeee .

My leg and shoulders are killing me and I am hiding in my hotel for the moment. Debating whether to head down the street to the time Kino-Central to watch Tyrannosaur, a British film that I’m worried will never appear in Ottawa. But, it’s grim and depressing (does Peter Mullen ever make happy films?), so maybe I will wait until after my restorative planned bike ride tomorrow.

Anyway, this is just a stop-gap post so I don’t break my streak of blogging, really. And I did go to Muji today, so yay spendy, austere, stylish stationery improving the end of the day!

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