HCl, KCl, and NaCl.


#100BM Day 83

I took my first sick day from work in at least six months today. My body decided to not be able to digest anything, like I’ve swallowed a poisoned brick. Impossible to stay hydrated. All I’ve eaten is two bananas, but it took about an hour to eat each one (10 hours apart). Even coming downstairs to make more mint tea has wiped me out, even though I’ve spent 85% of today sleeping (the rest whining and making mad dashes to the bathroom).

Not my best day, to be sure.

No idea what this is about. Bug? Food poisoning? I rarely have stomach troubles that last more than three or four hours, and never like this. Not helping matters is my lower back and knees aching fiercely, because it made finding a comfortable position almost impossible. Luckily, I was able to keep a anti-inflammatory down earlier.

Ugh. I hate this. This day was 100% a waste. I’m not used to that, even though I’m one of the world’s great lazy assholes.

Going to try to eat one of those Wasa crackers I got in my race kit. Maybe I can finish it before midnight.


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