Health (and filling time and space).


I was talking to Richard yesterday about our collective (separate!) poor sleep over the last few weeks and I’m pretty convinced that my constant ‘meh’ feeling and Beetlejuice eyes are stress and lack of exercise-related. It’s been a long week-and-a-bit. Lots of work and Christmas prep. Very little time/energy to get out and move, aside from the 20 minutes walking to and from bus stops during the day. Going from biking 15-25km a day at least five days a week to that has not done me any favours.

Going to fix that this morning by going for a run. It might be ugly, especially with all the loose snow on the ground, but I really need to stop myself becoming a largish lump of lethargy or I might never sleep properly again.

Exercise is great. Watch this video; It’s pretty great too:

Ta to Nicole for directing me to this!!

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