Heat wave!


I am trying to psych myself up to go running for the first time since October.

Why? Well, we’re in a heat wave (it’s only -2°C), some of the sidewalks are clear, and I signed up for a half-marathon last night.

I ran one last May. By ‘ran’, I mean I completed. The last four kilometres were brutal, especially the 19th. But I couldn’t quit. There were thousands of people lining the route, including dozens of wee kids high-fiving all over the place. I saw my friend MoFo about 1.5km before the end, during one of the wee running breaks (I wish I were kidding) I was taking at that point. I finished in two hours, 34 minutes. I know I am capable of much better. Especially if train properly, which I sure didn’t last spring.

Of course, I totally fell off the running wagon last summer, and in fact downgraded from another half- in September to a 5K instead. I only started running ‘for real’ in July-ish 2009. It’s supposed to take three weeks to make a habit stick? It can take about 35 seconds for it to disappear.

Which is a shame. It is not only great for keeping me less fat (I am no svelte nymph and never have been), but it is the closest thing I do to meditation. OCCASIONALLY, commuting by bike nearly works, but then some bastard will cut me off or I’ll hit the 19th red light in a row and calm becomes rage instantly.

So, for my mental health, I’m going to go run around in circles in the snow for a bit.

UPDATE (about an hour later): I did get out. I did 5.47km in 37:39. All things considered (residual mucous, not having run in months, eating my weight in cheese in the last week), I should be pleased, but man, I really have a lot of work to do.

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