#100BM Day 41?

When one doesn’t have parents or grandparents, it can become quite easy to forget your origins.

If one is like me, fortune is on your side because you can visit an aunt with whom you share a lot in common,  despite not actually having a lot in common, if that makes any sense.

After my grandfather died,  my aunt, mother, and great-aunt were sitting around the kitchen table.  My aunt noted (to herself, and perhaps to  my mother) that they were four widows who may have never ‘needed’ a man in the first place and were not necessarily keen on compromising their independence and therefore would remain basically unattached forever. My ancestors, y’all. 

When my aunt related this today, it made a couple of things click into place.  Is being a bit of a loner a genetic trait? Or, in my case,  was it learned behaviour?

I am starting to think that my alcohol tolerance is the former. Meant to have a nap after a lovely day of strolling around downtown Halifax,  them said aunt opened a bottle of wine and then the wine was gone and it was time to go to dinner.  Whoops.

Got fearsomely sunburnt.  Only just now starting to hurt.  Happy sleeping to me!

In other news,  we met longtime internet friend Elinor and she seriously could not have been lovelier. The pub she recommended (The Foggy Goggle) is marvy too. 

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