Hidden depths.


Dreamt that I went to Australia for three months. I was living with people I didn’t know: Piper Kerman and her husband, who, it turned out, lived in Australia for part of every year (not true). I was made to watch a version of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ which had been produced 15 years ago (impossible) as a tv-movie starring some 80s nighttime soap star with really big hair (nope).

There were lots of creatures in the backyard of their house, including cats with ears like wallabies (adorable, but made-up) and miniature (like, sparrow-sized and running in packs) ostriches (which aren’t native to Australia, miniature or otherwise).

I found some carrots in the backpack I brought with me from Canada, which is hella illegal in Australia, so I was trying to eat them all in one go before anyone found out.

Sadly, I can analyze this whole dream easily, just based on stuff that happened yesterday.

  • I’m taking a Coursera class and one of the lecture topics last night was Australopithecus.
  • I finished watching ‘Orange Is the New Black’ recently and looked at a slideshow of what the cast looked like out of prison khakis yesterday. They singled out Natasha Lyonne’s big, beautiful hair as being awesome (it is).
  • A new mammal was discovered in Ecuador, and he is hella cute and described as a raccoon with a teddy bear face.
  • There was a cat fight in my own backyard last night that woke me and Hamish up. (He ran downstairs to try to ‘help’. The screeching might have been a cat fighting one of the many, many raccoons in the neighbourhood.
  • I forgot to put carrots in the fridge last night.
  • I had a rare bout of ‘I CAN’T STOP EATING THESE’ food shame because, well, I couldn’t stop eating Peek Freans. And since I was alone in my office, it felt like a full-on binge that I had to hide. BUT I AM NOT HIDING NOW. Also, eh, everyone eats ‘too many’ cookies sometimes.

Sometimes I prefer a dream that makes 100% no sense, because having one that is so easily dissected by me (seriously, as soon as I woke up — I’m not even caffeinated yet) makes me feel far less mysterious/exotic than I wish I could be. But at least it was better than the ones where I, like, live a normal day. Going to work immediately after ‘going to work’ is the absolute worst.


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  1. Jackie

    I’m always relieved when I have a “weird” dream, because mine are usually about being at work, too. Or it’s a reasonably nice dream, like that I’m at a cottage, but… with everyone from work.

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