(Holidailies Day #31-4.)

If you don’t go out and meet people, you won’t meet people, which, duh. Spinster 4eva (maybe) because I need to break free of that particular quirk/paranoia/irritant and go out in the world where people are scary and occasionally (often?) terrible. New Year’s pressure is awful, so I prefer to watch movies with my bestie; this year, we’re watching The Apartment, which is one of my favourites of all time. So huzzah for that, even though I can only dream to get my supernaturally straight hair as cute and pixie-ish as Shirley Maclaine’s is in that movie.

That same bestie was at a bar late-night the other night where he saw a dude on his Macbook, updating three different OKCupid profiles at once. At 1am. On a Monday (well, Tuesday, really). He tipped 50 cents to the bartender after asking for the ‘invoice’ for his soda. I’m surprised my friend didn’t just hand dude my number because clearly we are destined to be together for eternity. He sounds great.

But, at this risk of sounding all (fucking) Carrie Bradshaw, this got me thinking about online dating generally, especially during the holiday season. And yep, TIL (or, rather, had a suspicion confirmed) that sign-ups for dating sites go up during the holidays. Like, 300+% some years. Good lord.

I am not signing up for any dating sites right now, in case you were wondering. I will try to be slightly less troll-like and come out from under the bridge more often. Maybe I’ll even start combing my hair more than a couple of times a month. Or wear cuter hats.

(Yes, tick tick tick, fuck off. Shut up and deal.)

Happy end of Holidailies! 2014 had a few bright spots and too many shite ones, so let’s hope for a better record next year, eh?

2 thoughts on “Hitching.

  1. Jackie

    As much as I complain about it, I recommend Tinder for its simplicity and the control it gives you. No one can talk to you unless you BOTH find each other interesting. You will still get annoyed, but far less quickly than on OKC. Plus it’s just addictive to swipe and swipe and swipe through photos of dudes and be judgy. “Like, really? He thought women would dig THAT? Okaaay then… NOPE”

    Hours of fun. OK, minutes of fun.

  2. I actually met my husband online. It wasn’t through a dating site though. We both had Geocities webpages and he signed my Guestbook and it turned out we knew a lot of the same people and we started ‘talking’ online…. that was 15 years ago… lol

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