Holiday cheer.


Earlier today, when I was cursing the lack of small Christmas gift bags in the house and driving to the dollar store at the last conceivable second, I was really lacking in any kind of holiday spirit. I hated everything about everything, really. But I pulled myself together, improvised some ribbon replacement with yarn (I SWEAR I BOUGHT RIBBON JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO WHERE IS IT), and went to a tree party.

Most of the adults were stressed out, dealing with MBA exams, divorce, work stress, general strife, etc.. It was not a holly, jolly Christmas event by far.

Except it was. Christmas is mostly about getting kids stoned on chocolate and Pez, and giving them hats, right? Despite the screaming and rasslin’, it was pretty worth it because they had a good, raucous time.


I pray for their parents when it comes time to wake them up for school tomorrow.


(And yes, my friend Nora is right when she says you can’t get a ‘normal’ face out of a little boy in the aged 8 to 18 range.)

2 thoughts on “Holiday cheer.

    • megan

      Heh. The beauty of that age range is that they see that they’ve received a hat and immediately put it on, no question or comment. Next year, when the eldest is 12, it might be a bit different. 🙂

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