Hours in the day.


#100BM Day 12

Had one of those tedious mornings where everything seemed to take about three times as long as it should. As a result, I did not go running.

Even worse, I got ready (at a glacial pace) to go running, got outside, looked at the time, and thought ‘Ugh. I feel awful and doing this is going to me at least a half-hour late for work, probably more.’ Then I went back in and had an exceptionally long shower for someone who hadn’t actually worked out.

Now, of course, I feel useless. Especially since my hot cross bun of self-pity wasn’t very good.

Speaking of rewarding dumb behaviour, I caught a bit of ‘Top Gear’ the other day (Weebro was watching). Kiefer Sutherland was on, and mentioned St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where he was born, and how he saw it torn down by accident. I mean, that he saw it being torn down was an accident (he was filming a documentary about his life and happened to be walking by/filming); I’m sure the demolition was planned seeing as the facility was moving across the street.

So, in TILABM: Looked up St. Mary’s. Aside from Mr. Sutherland, five of the top 15 current heirs to the throne were born there (William, Harry, George, plus Peter & Zara Phillips), as was Elvis Costello. More importantly (probably), it is credited as the institution where both penicillin and heroin were discovered/developed, so it’s a great place to have a really great party/orgy.

I also found out that Mr. Sutherland’s daughter plays Selena Meyer’s daughter on ‘Veep’, so let’s all imagine some ‘Scandal’-esque scenario featuring Jack Bauer. Mr. Iannucci, you can contact me on Twitter re. residuals should you use this idea.

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  1. Jackie

    I spend a greatly disproportionate amount of time arguing with myself, bribing myself, and otherwise internally debating making myself run. I swear to god. Like, last night, the only things I needed to do were ride home, make dinner, clean up my kitchen a bit while I digested dinner, and go running. I was ready to run by 8:30. When did I go running? 10PM. That entire time in between was a repeat rotation of: playing just one more game of Bejewelled/solitaire/checking Facebook, having to pee, wondering if I was getting a sore throat, wondering if it would be wise to run if I were really getting a sore throat, checking the temperature (falling hourly, of course), wondering if it would be so bad to delay another day, thinking I should probably spend the time cleaning my kitchen instead because I have friends coming over on Saturday, and then chastising myself because NO, SELF, YOU HAVE A 10K IN JUST OVER A MONTH and you are a flabby, wheezing piece of crap (sometimes I am not nice to myself).

    An hour and a half of that. So I get it. I’m impressed you’re training for a spring half. I cannot even.

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