How babby is formed.


I know that my friends would never judge me (to my face, anyway), but I am having a minor meltdown over someone else’s baby shower. Weird spinsters don’t know what first-time parents need, nor do they know what a fair price is for anything baby-related. It all seems expensive for stuff that’ll get covered in poop on a regular basis. And I don’t know how important fabric types are. Or whether the books I was thinking of picking up have already been purchased, months ago, by someone else. Or why I’m putting pressure on myself when it’s not my baby. (Because it’s not my baby? Will I ever have babies? Not if I keep spiralling down the neuroses maelstrom.)

Anyway, we’re dealing with two babies. Twin girls. Which makes clothing a bit tricky. They are not going to be dressed identically (at least not all the time). But how different should things be? Should colour-coding be involved? I know it’s the parents’ problem, BUT HOW DO YOU KEEP TRACK OF TWINS?

This also means that the gender gap in clothing is getting me down. It ended up being a moot point in the end, since they only had 24M size, but there are adorable long-sleeved onesies at MEC with bicycles on them. Well, bicycles or flowers or plain white. I mean, girls can ride bikes, and boys can like flowers, but this is a shower for identical girl twins; who am I to decide who gets bicycles and who gets flowers, eh?

Not that newborns care what they’re wearing anyway. And either option’s pretty adorable.

And newborn twins, who will likely be born early, are so small that you could probably keep them in large men’s socks. Maybe I’ll just buy a couple of multipacks of those instead.

6 thoughts on “How babby is formed.

  1. Alison

    Get the books. There are two of them; even if they are duplicates it will save them fighting over one. πŸ™‚ Also, I get alllll my baby clothes for friends at Joe Fresh or Old Navy and no one has ever complained. Their stuff is usually pretty darned cute.

  2. John

    Love the men’s socks comment…maybe you give them a 6 pack of them first as a gag then pull out your real present after they have a chuckle?? πŸ˜‰

  3. Rachel

    Good idea about the socks, and thanks for the post about how to tell them apart! Always putting them on the same side during photos is a great idea.

  4. Rachel

    PS the towels, washcloths and of course homemade onesies were a great choice. We didn’t have any towels and washcloths yet and they are on the list. I guess I could have registered to make peoples’ lives easier, but I am overwhelmed too! I have only braved the baby section at Walmart and Babies ‘R Us once, and we made a beeline for the specific things that were on sale that we were looking for, because if you start looking around, as a first-time Mom, the stress of not knowing what you need, or not having something yet, (or not knowing what something is) starts to kick in!

    • megan

      Oh, man, I can’t even imagine. The bath stuff was based on a suggestion from a message board I belong to, from the ‘you can never have too many’ list for new parents. (That list included wipes, diapers, burping cloths, etc., so I think you made out pretty well at your shower, even without a registry!)

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