Human behaviour.


Back to work today.

I went to see Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows at a local gigaplex yesterday. The movie was entertaining, non-challenging, and about what I expected from this ridiculous franchise. As always, Watson’s only occasional limp annoyed me, as did some other niggling discrepencies. I also saw a lot more of Stephen Fry than I ever expected too (I thought he was kidding when he tweeted this).

But good lord, are giant movie theatres ever stressful. I don’t just say that because my workplace has one screen, limited food options, and no flashing lights/glowing advertisements on every surface, even though I find the sheer scale, noise level, and brightness of a multiplex overwhelming, but man, the people. The people! The people who don’t know how a queue works! The people who are still deciding which of 12 films they are going to see when they get to the head of the line! The people who get angry at the usher because they are at the wrong end of the gigantic building for the IMAX screen? The people who just chuck their paper towels on the floor in the loos! The people who giggle every time a character says ANYTHING! The people who think Sherlock Holmes was really real!

Is it sensory overload that makes them rude, clueless, and dumb? I felt my IQ plummeting when I walked in, finding it hard to find Richard (who had gone on a popcorn quest while I bought tickets), even though he was probably 20 feet away. Is it like an anti-casino, and they restrict oxygen somehow? Am I just getting really olde really quickly? Or am I just spoiled by the cinematorial hovel I work in, with its cramped lobby, leaky roof, and generally more discerning customer base?

Out of gratitude, I’m (going to try) not going to complain about customers (much) this week. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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