Hustling and flowing.


#100BM Day 71

Now, seriously, has anyone seen my two UK and two Euro adaptor/converters? I haven’t used them in almost three years and the safe place I’ve stored them is a mystery.

And yep, totally packing. Not watching Masters Of Sex and drinking wine and eating a mountain of spaghetti full of zucchini and chard because I know Weebro won’t either vegetable while I’m away. Yep yep yep yep.

I’m in Edinburgh for five and a bit days starting Friday. I have tickets to seven shows (two Mark Watsons, Susan Calman, Richard Herring’s play and stand-up, Tim Key, Josie Long, Museum of Curiosity). My funds are fairly limited, so if any of my readers are already there and know for free or cheap shows that I MUST see and aren’t sold out, please let me know.

At this point tomorrow, I’ll be over the North Atlantic, wondering anew how we live in a world where airplanes have WiFi, but not free meals.

Here is the best photo that has ever been taken of me.

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