We’re heading into our first big, miserable heat wave of the summer and I’m already grouchy about it. I have no use for  temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius. None. It gets unpleasant and sticky and aggravating and I want nothing to do with it. I’m also now running late because of terrible sleep (pre-dawn rainstorm, pah!), so this here’s a stopgap entry. Go read Hamilton Nolan’s advice on how to get people to go back to the movies.

I’m staying at work late to watch The Gold Rush too. More time in air conditioning + snowy landscapes might help.

Addendum after arriving at work (cut/pasted directly from a chat window) – In the last few hours, I have received:

  • A thank you for Mandy, for joining Hallmark Rewards
  • A quote on a custom wedding cake for Maggie ($2000).
  • And an inquiry about apartments at the Village Monterey for Michael.

What the hell, people? Didn’t you read my plea from a year and a bit ago? Or any of my other whinges? DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR OWN BLOODY EMAIL ADDRESSES. SERIOUSLY. Sometimes I feel nice and email companies and people to let them know they have the wrong person, but sometimes I don’t. If you want your coupons for diapers or your prison mail (seriously) or your login information for a male-only hook-up site (yes, seriously), TYPE CORRECTLY. I don’t want your shit.


2 thoughts on “Hyperthermia.

  1. Jackie

    Judith joined Facebook a while ago. I keep getting reminders to “Find [my] friends!” It makes me feel a bit sad for her.

    James really needs to get his shit together regarding typing his email address. He gets some important-looking, time-sensitive shit.

    And I always wonder if Janice is pissed she never received anything from the Sierra Club.

  2. Mike Nichols

    I have a friend who keeps getting email for a real estate agent in the Dallas area. The odd part is that she’s getting it from places where the real estate agent had to submit her email address. Things like car insurance, hotel reservations, medical appointments, results from tests, website hosting, etc… For a couple of years, she forwarded the information to the correct address. Now she just cancels things or reschedules them.

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