#100BM Day 95

Sure, FIFA’s evil, and going to an event where Gazprom advertising is on display is really weird and pretty bad, but I went to a Women’s World Cup doubleheader today and it was fucking fantastic.

Well, until Thailand got hardcore into dramatics and timewasting towards the end of the second match.

I am excited to see Germany and Norway move on into the next rounds, because they were just phenomenal. I have never had the opportunity to see this level of athleticism and skill in the flesh ever, so I feel very lucky and spoiled tonight.

Especially since our view of the field was like this:

Deutschland winkt 'Hallo'!

A photo posted by Megan McLeod (@blautreacle) on

Also fun? Listening to fans shouting instructions (mostly ‘Jetzt’, ‘Links’, and ‘Rechts’ (‘Now’, ‘Left’, and ‘Right’) to unhearing players, but also some kind of chants from the upper stands that sounded like ‘Iacocca’ and ‘Waaaahoooorrr’, requests for selfies to Lena, pleas from the lone Ivorian fan in our section for Josée to get the ball, and repeated cries of ‘Go GO les filles!’ from a gentleman sitting in front of us), watching a miserable son-of-a-fan on a group family outing who just stared straight ahead for all of the first game and most of the second, and enjoying the jubilant singing of fans rooting for specific teams, or just the game in general.

It was damned expensive, but also probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, so in the end, totally worth it.

Except now I feel like I might have disappointed John Oliver, and I never wanted to do that ever.

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