#100BM Day 21

Spring is doing its springy thing (coldly) and the resultant headache from barometric chaos totally knocked me down for a good chunk of yesterday. Or maybe I’m just getting sick.

I have a feeling that meandering around in the country taking the unplanned long way back into the city, sure I’d find a gas station at some point, then driving with the blinky ‘you are, like, sooooo out of gas’ warning for a half-hour did not help. I ground my teeth to dust.

But! I got to see Rachel, whom I’ve known for almost three decades (!!!) and her not-so-wee wee girls yesterday and we had a small snowy adventure in the backyard. In case you are not in on my Instagram, here is a photo from when we were back inside. See if you can tell which twin was fresh off an overtired dramallama meltdown.


A photo posted by Megan McLeod (@blautreacle) on

Aw, Gabrielle, I know the feeling.

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