#100BM Day 22

I have a meeting this morning, a pretty rare thing, during which I have to look and act like an actual professional person and try to convince someone that, yes, our space is totes right for your Big Fancy Meeting, Mr Works-for-a-Minted-Company, even though it’s pretty much a concrete and steel Faraday cage, so using WiFi for anything will be a helluva chore. Oh, and our lobby might be too small to be useful. But we’re great! Really!

I woke up earlier than usual because I know it’s going to take about 80 years to get dressed.

I have to look neat, and slightly cool and I am not really either of those things.

I also feel super rough. Yesterday’s long run was AWFUL. It was only about 400m longer than last week’s, and took me 11 minutes more to complete. I walked so much. My hips and knees are incredibly angry at me. I hope my tour of the building doesn’t involve too many stairs.

Ah well. I’m going to polish my fancy boots while I figure out how to proceed. And contemplate putting booze in my coffee for the first time since Christmas to (maybe?) mellow me out, ’cause this oatmeal ain’t cutting it.

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