#100BM Day 38

Yeah, we are all pretty happy with our decision to stay an extra day in La Belle province. Québec is drowning in tourists, but it’s better than drowning in hurricane storm surges, right?

It was a pretty meandery day, which always suits me just fine. Took the ferry from Lévis into town rather than try to find parking on a Saturday in high tourist season during a festival. It’s actually ideal to not have to worry about a vehicle in that situation and I highly recommend it.

Rather than do an account of the full day*, since Ali is sitting with me and we’re waiting on Chris and Jackie, who have gone on a snack food run (McCain Deep & Delicious may be involved, because we’re klassy like that).

So go forth and seek out my occasionally awfully punfully captioned photos here instead! I’m not reuploading on a non-Instagram thing until I’m on something other than hotel WiFi anyway.

OO, Cake is here. G’night, all!

* We walked, ate, walked more, then watched a historical recreation, walked on city walls, walked, drank, walked, ate, took the ferry back. More or less. With some sitting in between.

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