I’ve been having terrible trouble sleeping the last few nights, then sleeping in longer than I should. As frustrating as that would be in a normal week, getting very few hours of sleep the week when one has to be alert enough to proofread things (and regular readers of this blog know that I am really not very good at that sometimes), run press screenings, and just generally be a more-useful-than-usual person is especially annoying. Even worse, the last two nights, I have been getting suddenly, stomach-clutchingly hungry around midnight. Going to bed hungry makes for bad sleep, but so does eating things right before going to bed. I have no idea why this is happening; it’s like my body is the wrong time zone. Perhaps it’s time to investigate vacations in Hawaii. First, I’ll have to learn to cheat in the lottery.

I’ve never had any real affinity for horses. They are nice enough, I guess, but I was never a horsey girl in that way that so many wee girls often are, and I’ve never been riding (except on a pony, in a circle, at a fair or zoo), and have very little interest in attempting it. Despite this, I tuned in to the Equestrian Jumping events today and confirmed, again, that there is at least one Olympic event that I can’t watch for more than about 15 seconds without getting deeply bored or worrying for the participants’ (well, the horses’) well-being. Just because an animal is capable of doing something doesn’t mean they should. That’s why I gave up eating paste and wearing tights with shorts.

Haircut tomorrow. I’m hoping to make my hair a bit more Michelle Williams (except not blonde) and a little less Dorothy-Hamill-meets-Carol-Brady. Short hair sure can look funny just pre-trim, especially when the back grows out faster than the rest and/or you dump a bike helmet on your head, negating any ‘styling’ that may have been attempted. Yikes.

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