Spinning tops.


As I did yesterday, like a person who is struggling a bit with writing, I started by talking about a dream. The only snippet I can remember from last night’s subconscious meanderings is hanging up my rain pants (trousers) because I knew they didn’t go in the dryer. So, when I woke up, I had to really think about whether I had done that or just dreamed it because, yes, I had washed them last night and fallen asleep before shifting things to the dryer.

When one’s dream life is that dull, is it just time to give up? Good lord.

Small consolation: It wasn’t a dream in which I more or less lived a work day, then woke up and realised I’d have to do it all over for real. Lamest mindfuck ever.

Speaking of lame, this poll shows that there are a lot of stupid, selfish youngsters about. Which means it’s time to worship at the altar of the Alamo Drafthouse again. (Or just avoid teenagers.)

Not that the show needs my help promotions-wise, but Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Ai Weiwei on Sunday, the result of which is being broadcast on Q today. It’s the first interview in English that Mr Ai’s done since being detained, and apparently he’s risked his life by participating. You should tune in.

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