A note popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday; a friend had ‘shared’ it, but the original note was from my knitting teacher, Lesley, whom I met a long time ago when we both worked at a poorly run arts day camp. Her daughter, India, was practically brand-new then. When I got reacquainted with Lesley last fall, she told me that her daughter was in a wheelchair, that she suffered from numerous seizures a day (starting when she was 10 years old), and that these seizures were totally inexplicable. I could not believe that the cheery toddler who would play with me (and beg for chocolate) while her mother was teaching the drama class could be suffering so much.

Since then, things have gotten much worse. But there is a tiny bit of hope for India. Here’s what the note said:

To our Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and Work contacts:

Our daughter, India Buxton Taylor, is suffering from a one-of-a-kind neurodegenerative disease that unless treated will likely kill her within a year.

We are asking for your help funding research that a University of Ottawa Lab, run by our friend Dr. Steffany Bennett, has undertaken into her condition. She has made some very promising discoveries about her disease and we are hoping that with your support she can speed up her efforts to come up with a viable treatment and perhaps even a cure.

Please visit:

Whether you donate or not we ask that you SHARE this site with as many of your contacts as you are willing to.
It will be critical that as many people as possible see this and that we spread word about India’s condition as far around the world as we can. So:

Share overseas
Share with your affiliated organizations
Share with family and ask them to share with their contacts
Share with business organizations
Share with your local media
Share with people you know in the public eye

Anyone who has met India knows she is One Strong Girl.
We are asking you each to form a one-strong network of your own; and cast it as far and as wide as you can.

Mark and Lesley

If you can help, please do so. I am absolutely heartbroken, even though I haven’t seen her in years, so imagine her poor parents, friends, and family. If you’re not in a position to donate, please at least share the link to One Strong Girl. It could make a huge difference.

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