#100BM Day 86

The last couple of stressful weeks have made my body pretty busted. I’ve been eating a lot of not-good and drinking too much, even though my anxious digestive system cannot handle it, and beyond biking to/from work, not exercising at all. Oh, and meditation has gone out the window because I don’t want to spend even more time in my own head.

Also, I am in one of those phases where even the idea of eating animals is really bumming me out.

But I’m too tired and sad to get ambitious, and too broke to get take out. I don’t want a sweet breakfast, which most of the easiest non-animalian options are. I’ll poke around on the internet a bit and probably end up defaulting to peanut butter toast anyway.

Mostly, I just want to whine and lie around a lot while others do my bidding, of which Hamish would be proud, but might not be the best solution to misery for a human.

One thought on “Influence.

  1. Jackie

    You are allowed that right now, though. Don’t deny yourself your wants for a bit. You’ve had a shit time; the universe owes you.

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