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My ‘no buying lunch’ in September challenge didn’t work out as planned; I bought a bag of chips and a cookie today, so I’m not doing so well on the ‘not buying stuff I don’t need’ thing either. Animation Festival stress eating is my white whale.

Yesterday, I saw a dude commuting in a Bentley, a car worth many times more than my annual salary, which made me feel smug as hell for getting where I needed to be for free.* Who’s the bigger dickhead in this scenario?**

Despite running, doing bits of yoga, and biking every day, my #1 way of injuring myself significantly continues to be sleeping. I woke up to a shoulder essentially in spasm and a neck that did not want to turn left. Did some more yoga (I fear I am becoming one of those people) and worked out a lot of the kinks, but I am far from 100%. And my jaw’s been aching like crazy and my bite feels funny, so I think I need my dental crown filed down again. Basically, my left side is jacked like fuq and feel like I’m half a 102-year-old.

There is no number 4.

* My mid-range hybrid has more than paid for itself, despite expensive repairs, over six years.

** Me, ‘cause it’s none of my fucking business. I doubt dude was saying ‘Look at that jerk on a bike, acting all righteous and shit.’


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  1. themis

    So…I do a lot of yoga, comparatively, and in the last three years that I’ve been doing it about three times a week, I have screwed up my neck and either shoulder many times. Do you also sleep on your side? A better pillow may help -? Yoga does work it loose, as well, but the fact that I keep waking up to a head I can’t turn made me think I was doing a bunch of somethings wrong. I have one yogi who does really well to help me work that loose and one who locks me right up again.

    I don’t really have a fix, but be aware it’s easy to work into hyperextending your shoulders with additional flexibility. Keep them firmly socketed while in downward dog and always low, not hiked up near your ears, in most poses. It is not the way I was originally taught, but if you have a tendency to hyperextensive joints, you have to work against type.

    • megan

      I taking it super easy, yoga-wise, because I am way out of practice and about the least flexible person on the planet. I do maybe 20 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Today’s was a super gentle video for neck/shoulder stiffness. No downward dog, even.

      But yeah, I sleep on my side and sometimes unintentionally lock my shoulders in a dumb way when I bike – and I bike an hour every day – so sometimes my shoulder checks are a bit twisty in a bad way. I am my own worst enemy.

      When I make myself sit up straight, shoulders down, that helps a great deal, though. And I’ll take a couple of ibuprofen before bed tonight.

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