Unintentionally have taken a rather long break from this space. I am not dead. I have been busy.*

I am also typing this on my phone while watching Mishal Husein, so apologies if there are more errors than usual. Three things that happened yesterday:

1. My boss borrowed my car to intercept his wife, whose phone was off, before she headed to outer suburbia on an errand that was unnecessary. So that was weird. And the only time I’ve wished that I had an El Camino, because it would have been funnier. (Jackie and I also imagined a 1970s van with faded logos, and taped-up garbage bag windows, along with an F150 being involved.)

2. I went to T&T for the first time. IT IS AMAZING. I didn’t have have time to shop much (I was there to pick up sushi dinner), but I did buy this, so that’s pretty awesome. I will go back soon.


3. I finally got to meet my oldest friend’s wee twin girls (born in complicated circumstances in November)! They are lovely and tiny and farty and smiley, all good things when one is two months old. And I was asked to be godmother to Charlotte, which, given that this isn’t a custodial or especially churchy thing, I think means that she can stay with me when she is 15 and having a fight with her parents. So, that’s pretty overwhelming and flattering. (Photos on Twitter and Facebook.)

I have a few half-written entries I am going to finish up this weekend and will post soon, if they prove worthy.

* Watching ‘The Wire’.

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  1. Alison

    That is exactly how I hope my godchildren will see me when they get older. (We have three now! Apparently people think we’re trustworthy or something, haha.) I love the idea of being an Important Adult to some people.

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