#100BM Day 48

Yesterday, I had to call out a stranger online for repeatedly mentioning the name of someone I know, and how mysterious and handsome he was, and whether anyone knew anything about him.

It wasn’t the first attempt at praising/trying to dig for information, but after telling a few people at work about it yesterday, it was agreed that letting it lie was no longer an option.

I don’t think the admirer meant any harm by it and thought they were being flirty, or funny, or something, but said person I know is not a social media kind of guy (hell, not sure he uses the internet at all, really), and is an extremely private person, so it really sucks to identify him and his place of business in a public forum in this way.

I mean, how is that appropriate? If a man did that to a woman, people would have an issue with it immediately, instead of gently agreeing that dude/chiquita is fascinating/mesmeric/etc. I’m not generally very paranoid, but if I found out someone was doing this about me, I’d be wondering if I should get the police involved.

Of course, I got no reply to my (gently stated) concerns and the posts are still up, so I’ve probably accomplished nothing, but I feel slightly better about it. Slightly.

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